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Corporate Restructuring & Reorganisation

Byrne & McCall provide an extensive range of Corporate Finance, Corporate Recovery and Forensic Accounting services to our clients.

At Byrne & McCall our experienced corporate advisory team provide services for businesses of all sizes, in all sectors and at every stage of development.

With more than 35 years’ experience supporting Irish and overseas businesses, we understand that no two businesses are the same.

We take the time to get to know you so that we can tailor our services to match your business’s unique requirements.

Business Start Up Guidance

Whether you are embarking on the rollercoaster ride that is starting your own

business or simply exploring possible business opportunities we can provide

guidance on a wide variety of issues you may encounter.

We can help you to:

Decide the best business structure for you (sole trader, partnership, limited company)

Comply with regulatory requirements for your business structure.

Develop business plans.

Obtain financial support through grant schemes.

Structure suitable banking arrangements

Advice on most suitable workforce arrangements (contractors, employees, outsourcing)


Banking Support

At various times, during prosperity and recession, your business will need to address its finance structure.

It is important to build an agreeable relationship with your bank, and produce financial information in a timely fashion when requested.

Our firm has developed strong professional relationships with all the leading financial institutions.

We can liaise with your bank to speed processes, and ensure that your business growth receives the best financial support available.

Business Development & Growth

“Time is Money”. For a business person this is very true, and you will need to maximise the time available to develop.

We can provide outsourcing & in-house training to relieve some of the time pressures during this growth period.

As your business grows so too will your need to develop internal and external controls and systems.

Becoming an employer or increasing your staff numbers will require maintenance of internal systems to ensure compliance. We can guide you through your new responsibility and help you structure policies and procedures to ensure compliance with maximum time efficiency.

We can help you to examine your existing structure and how information flows within your organisation, and develop improved processes to reduce cost and increase efficiency.