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Energy consumption at home up as much as 20% since Covid-19 restrictions

Energy consumption in family homes is up between 11% and 20% as more people stay at home, according to a study from energy company Pinergy and property group Savills. 

The new study highlights the impact that the latest Covid-19 restrictions are having on changing patterns of energy consumption in the home.

The study found that early morning energy consumption has reduced by almost a third as people are getting up later and the commute is reduced or temporarily gone.

In the evenings, consumption after 6pm is down between 10% and 20% as families are perhaps eating earlier.

But working day consumption – between the hours of 9am and 5pm – is up by almost 30% during certain hours, as meetings take place virtually and more time is spent at the computer and other devices.

There has been a decrease in consumption amongst city dwellers (4.2%), young renters (12.2%) and Students (22.9%), with many moving back to the family-home in other parts of the country or overseas.

The study was carried out for the month of March and compared the first two weeks of the month with the second two weeks using Pinergy’s smart meter data. 

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